Monday, 18 May 2015

3 of my favourite blogs

Spreading the bloggin' love, here are some of the blogs I read often which I'd like to share with you:

Take Courage
The pictures on this blog are gorgeous and some real clothing envy always takes hold whenever I read this. There are often DIY tutorials which aren't really my bag but I love the vintage lovin' and the author's personal style. Although links to clothes are provided, it definitely doesn't feel like advertising or that there is a pressure to BUY BUY BUY.

A Girl Called Jack
I cannot overstate how much I admire Jack Monroe. This blog is often filled with recipes (anyone who knows me well will know that I am not a natural cook), but what I really love are Jack's more political posts or stories from her past. I find what she has achieved remarkable, and blimin' inspirational. She writes so concisely and intelligently and I often finish the post fist-pumping the air shouting "YES!". She puts into words what I'd like to say, only better.

This girl can write. Although I get the impression that majority of her posts are sponsored (a girl has got to eat!) it is the in depth, personal and beautiful writing that draws me back to this blog. There have also been book recommendations which I've taken up and not regretted. The fact that the author lives in both Barcelona and Paris means that the photos are seriously gorgeous and make me want to pack everything in and copy her. Even though I know I couldn't do it nearly as well. She makes full time professional blogging look easy although I'm sure it's not.

Needless to say blogs masquerading as adverts do not interest me but the above all go a bit deepe.

And now, as this has been a bit word heavy, here are some pictures from my weekend
checking out the Chalkie Davies exhibition at Cardiff Museum

Reading Vogue and eat Joe's ice cream at Roath Rec

Waiting for my bagel and enjoying a Snapple at New York Deli

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