Tuesday, 5 August 2014

40 before 40

The weather in Cardiff has taken a turn for the worse (not totally unwelcome as the garden is thirsty) which has got me day dreaming of packing my bags, heading off to T5 (my terminal of choice) and boarding a plane.
Pre-flight drinks and my amazing Panama hat

Gorgeous Dubrovnik
What perfect timing then to talk about our "40 before 40" challenge. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel quiet a bit both for fun and for work, even living in Lyon, France in my 3rd year at uni. There is still so much of the world to see though, and I intend to see it. As a wedding gift, Hywel and received a "scratch map" where you, as the name suggests, scratch off on the map the countries you have visited. This led us to come up with the 40 before 40 challenge. Quickly counting up the countries we had already visited (at present me; 23, Hywel; 28), we realised we can quite easily visit 40 counties each before we hit the big 4-0. All we need is a bit of imagination, an Easy Jet flight map and suggestions from friends. My travel wish list is so long but topping it are Istanbul, more Asia, Patagonia (once my Spanish, Welsh and bank balance are up to it). We'll probably try and see more of Europe first as there are loads of short, cheapish flights to various places from Cardiff, Bristol and London The only downside is, for the moment, Paris and San Fransisco are on hold as we have been to France and USA many times.
Our scratch map

In an insanely ideal world we would up sticks, buy an awesome camper van and see where the wind takes us but you know, the house, the cat, work, money, *yawn*....

Any suggestions?