Friday, 30 January 2015

How is it still January??

The other day the wonderful Hywel went into town and came back with some lovely wool from Tiger (my new favourite shop) for me. Seeing as my every other waking thought seems to be "how is it still January??" I decided to crochet a snoody type thing to keep me warm.

I browsed the internet for some patterns but then sort of made it up as I went along.

First I made a chain of 100 (it was quite thin wool) and slip-stitched it into a circle.

Then I did 20 rows of treble stitch. easy peasy

I'm going to go ahead and pretend that I added the twist on purpose.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Women I want to be when I grow up

Jessica Hynes (always Daisy Steiner to me)

Victoria Coren- poker champion and all round clever woman

Lauren Laverne- Stylish, witty, music laydee DJ

Tamsin Greig- superbly funny

They come across as witty, intelligent, funny, confident, unique, stylish, perfectly imperfect, all the things I long to be.

Monday, 12 January 2015

The weekend that was

It all started with cocktails in Wahaca, then, via a day trip to Swansea, dinner in Chapter, a run in Roath park, custard doughnuts from the Portuguese bakery, and a walk along the Taff trail, it ended with the vigil outside the Senedd for the Paris victims. Well done Cardiff (and Swansea), another amazing weekend.

the view of beautiful Swansea from the tower

This week I will be start to attempt to improve my French by watch the videos by Comme une Francaise. She has some great tips. Today I started with swearing because that's how I roll.

running needs CARBS

Any other suggestions for videos to watch to improve my French?

love this weir along the Taff trail

Friday, 9 January 2015

I am sick of....

I am sick of:
  • Reading blog posts on what a twenty something English student from wherever bought from Primark/ Lush
  • Feeling low when someone is better than me at yoga
  • Feeling happy when I am better than someone at yoga
  • Thinking I should be more accomplished/ further along in my career/ doing something more interesting when I am quite happy thank you very much
  • Worrying my hobbies aren't cool enough when all I want to do is read, swim, go to yoga, go running (at my own pace), go to gigs and festivals, watch box sets, sew sometimes, go to new places, spend time in Dorset and hang out with Hywel
  • Beating myself up for not practicing my French more often
  • Telling myself I'm fat
  • Comparing myself to others
I think you'll agree that there's a of of negativity for one brain there so I'm going to stop in 2015 and chill the Hell out.

Happy New Year all