Friday, 9 January 2015

I am sick of....

I am sick of:
  • Reading blog posts on what a twenty something English student from wherever bought from Primark/ Lush
  • Feeling low when someone is better than me at yoga
  • Feeling happy when I am better than someone at yoga
  • Thinking I should be more accomplished/ further along in my career/ doing something more interesting when I am quite happy thank you very much
  • Worrying my hobbies aren't cool enough when all I want to do is read, swim, go to yoga, go running (at my own pace), go to gigs and festivals, watch box sets, sew sometimes, go to new places, spend time in Dorset and hang out with Hywel
  • Beating myself up for not practicing my French more often
  • Telling myself I'm fat
  • Comparing myself to others
I think you'll agree that there's a of of negativity for one brain there so I'm going to stop in 2015 and chill the Hell out.

Happy New Year all

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