Thursday, 23 April 2015

Making the most of life

I am someone with a tendency to over think things.  Recent gin and tonic fueled chatting about life with some of the closest people in my life in a hot tub in the Forest of Dean last week, along with sucky things happening to people close to us, has put me in a reflective mood.  I am determined to  to..., to what? Live life I suppose and not stress the small things. that bit of cake, go to that gig, do nothing, do something, phone your friend, don't phone that friend who always makes you feel bad about yourself, walk, laugh about it, say yes, say no, completely ignore me and make your own list, don't inspect badly taken work lanyard photos to closely (this one might just be me), and realise that there ain't nothing wrong with turning 30 (or any age) this year.

Here are some awesome things I have been doing over the last week

Extremely sweet and delicious cake from Jolly's tea room in Bath
Seeing Caitlin Moran speak in Cardiff last week

Beautiful Tintern Abbey

Cardiff Bay on a Spring evening (we had fish and chips from Top Gun)
Not quite the back row at the Radio 2 Folk Awards

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