Tuesday, 10 February 2015

5 things

Reading other blogs I have learnt that a common blogging feature seems to be "5 things" so, while never one for trying to fit in with the "cool girls",  in the spirit of playing along here are some 5 things of my own.

5 things I liked about the past week:
  • Walking along the Cardiff Bay barrage to Penarth and having a lovely lunch at Washington tea rooms with Hywel.   
  • Going to Bath for the day with my mum and discovering Mac makeup
  • Babysitting my super beautiful 18 month old godson and us both surviving
  • Meeting old friends (Ellen I'm looking at you here) and picking up where we left off
  • Learning that Hywel will be joining me at End of the Road festival (have you seen the line up? It is fantastic.) Along with Green Man, it is shaping up to be a good festival year.
Green Man seems a long way away

5 things I am looking forward to in the coming week:
  • Going to Chapter for drinks and food tomorrow night. Sweet potato fries! 
  • Going to see the Wave Pictures at the moon club on Thursday. Saw them there a while back and they are just so so good
  • Watching the most recent Walking Dead and Broadchurch episodes.
  • Gettin' my yoga on
  • Reading and re- reading my Paris books if they ever arrive, ahead of our trip in less the 4 weeks, parfait. I have been practicing my French on Duolingo by the way. It's jolly good
How I imagine myself looking in Paris

That's some good reflecting right there.

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